Forum for Elderly Care

We are a non-profit organisation with the aim to promote and support the development of the future care and welfare of elderly in Sweden and abroad.

Forum for Elderly Care was founded to meet the needs and challenges regarding the ageing demographic change in the population in Sweden and internationally. Forum for Elderly Care has implemented various projects and activities and has also facilitated public-private collaboration in order to engage the stakeholders into the solution building process for a sustainable future and society.

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Dementia Forum X

Dementia Forum X paves the way for high-level dialogue on the challenges that age-related demographic changes and dementia pose to societies, individuals and healthcare systems alike to forge a more effective global response in meeting them.

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Queen Silvia Nursing Award is a scholarship for nursing students in Sweden, Finland, Poland and Germany founded in 2013 as a gift to Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden.

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Memory Box!

Memory Box! is a smartphone application that aims to serve as a memory aid and a conversation inspiration to support relatives and caregivers of those living with dementia. Click here to download.

Dementia Forum X 2019 eBook

Summarising eBook

FFEC has produced an eBook to summarise the third Dementia Forum X held in 2019. Click above to read it.

FFEC has developed a smartphone application named Memory Box!. Memory Box! is a memory aid and conversation inspiration, which is meant to be used in Dementia Support. The apps contains music, pop-culture references and information from the past to help you inspire, relate and connect with your elderly loved ones. Available for iOS and Android in English, Swedish and Danish.

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